8 days | May 26 - June 1, 2024

Taghazout, Morocco

Only 10 spots available for this retreat.

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Recharge your battery in full tranquillity

Empower yourself with new truths to support your vision

Connect with mindful nomads in a conscious space

Reconnect with your unique magic voice

8 days focused on making decisions that align with your natural energy & life purpose

This immersive retreat blends introspection, collaboration, and stunning scenery to help you unlock your potential and design a life you love.

As passionate mindfulness entrepreneurs like yourself, we often want to give, give and give...

We work hard and with great passion for our business(es) and have little time to slow down, reflect on our bigger visions in life because we are stuck in a never-ending doing-mode

This retreat is focused on guiding you to function with less stress and make decisions that align with your natural energy and gifts so your energy flows again with ease...

Join us for a blend of yoga, meditation, and strategic aligned marketing workshops, 1:1 content strategy coaching - all guided by the MINOMA framework which guided over 137+ mindful nomads.

Connect with a supportive community of conscious entrepreneurs and freedom seekers like yourself.

Only 10 spots available for this retreat.

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You Are an Unique Expression, Ignite Your Brilliance

Give Yourself the Gift of Slowing Down

Through guided introspection, meditation, and workshops, you'll gain deep insights and clarity on your values, desires, and innate power.

Resonate via Mindful Community Connections

Connect with a curated group of conscious entrepreneurs and freedom seekers, fostering aligned networking and mindful living.

Trust Your Energy, Process & Gifts

Leave feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to embrace your next chapter fueled by purpose, joy, and connection.

Only 10 spots available for this retreat.

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8 days Designed to Align and Refine the Full Expression of Your True Self

Day 0: Opening Ceremony

We begin our journey with a meditation experience, transformation stories and dinner.

Day 1: Slowing down

Introspective exercises and yoga to reconnect with your body and true values:

Meditation Journey & Sharing Circle: To arrive and ground ourselves

Workshop Human Design Alignment: How to use your intuition for aligned decision-making

Group Heart Activation: Turning into the body

Day 2: Letting go

Personalised Human design exploration, releasing limiting beliefs and de-conditioning.

Yoga & Meditation: A self-discovery including IFS journey

Marketing Mindset Workshop: Your new future of Aligned Opportunities & Commitments

Marketing Mindset Workshop: Recognizing & activating your gifts in your life & business

Day 3: Self compassion

IFS meditation to embrace your inner parts and cultivate self-love.

Yoga & Meditation: Somatic release & Ecstatic Dance

Marketing Mindset Workshop: Aligned Marketing Strategy to Fully Express your voice online in an authentic and human way

Group Heart Activation: Active listening prompts to understand and reshape your mental self-talk

Day 4: Empowerment

Brainstorming, visualization, and mastermind sessions to unlock your potential.

Yoga & Meditation: Alignment to embody support

Marketing Mindset Workshop: Simplified Marketing strategy applied in an authentic way that feels human

Content Session: Capture your Feelings and somatic experiences to create memories for your personal brand or a beautiful memory

Day 5: Envisioning

Manifestation principles and goal setting to envision your ideal life.

Yoga & Meditation: Intuitive envisioning OF the perfect day

Local Exploration: Connect with the group & explore beautiful Morocco through the lens of a local

Co-working / 1:1 Strategy Sessions: Integrate or pick Nienke Nina’s brain so you can apply your new insights right away.

Day 6: Trust

Exploring intuition, setting intentions, and celebrating progress through a final mastermind.

Yoga & Meditation: Embodied trust practice

Group Journaling Session: Reflection through empowering self-love prompts

Group Heart Activation: Embody YOU - Ecstatic Dance

Day 7: Closing circle

Closing Circle with Meditation: Sharing the highlights of the week and group celebrations

Breakfast, hugs and we checkout at 11:00

Schedule details:

Our days start 8 am CET

Group lunch 1-2 pm CET

Daily 5H of time off & integration

Daily group dinners

All food included

Unlimited coffee, herbal tea, spring water.


Daily yoga and guided meditation sessions

Human Design

IFS meditation to cultivate self-love.

Marketing Mindset workshops to craft a strategy that is aligned with your unique voice

Aligned entrepreneurship focused on things you love doing

Personalized marketing strategy deep dive to activate your unique impact in your marketing expressions

You will also get:

Daily access to Nienke Nina so you can pick her brain on marketing and challenges & blockers in your business.

Actionable workbooks to navigate your new insights

BONUS 1:1 virtual integration session with co-host Nienke Nina after the retreat

Local SIM cards with extra data

Join us on May 26 - June 1, 2024. Only 10 spots available for this retreat.

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The Curation to Reconnect Your Unique Voice with Your Purpose


Curation & Meditation Experiences

Founder of MINOMA and passionate about Human Design. Having hosted most of the MINOMA retreats over the past 5+ years and curated the community I can connect you with other members of our community from different editions so you can connect and grow in alignment with your values and vibe.

Nienke Nina

Marketing Strategist & Aligned Entrepreneurship

Nomadic entrepreneur with 10+ years in content marketing. Having interviewed hundreds of nomadic entrepreneurs about their freedom life on the Digital Nomads Daily Podcast, she became an expert in designing an aligned freedom lifestyle. She is passionate about marketing and with her projector energy, she guides others to create aligned marketing strategies that in flow with your personality and filling up their cup.

Only 10 spots available for this retreat.

Already a member? Book with €100 discount.

The MINOMA Framework Meets Guidance by Nienke Nina

Are you a passionate entrepreneur or freedom seeker yearning for deeper meaning and authentic connections?

Do you feel lost amidst the noise, longing for clarity and guidance to design a future aligned with your purpose? If so, this retreat is your haven.

Nienke Nina is our Strategic Marketing Partner at MINOMA and helps freedompreneurs simplify their marketing & sales strategies and free-up time.

As the founder of & Digital Nomads Daily – she is an expert in designing authentic marketing strategies and funnels that are fully aligned with one's unique impact and gifts.​

On the retreat, she will help you:

Reconnect your unique impact, voice, personal story and life goals with your marketing strategy.

Unlock ideas, projects and low-hanging fruits in empowering conversations and 1:1 support via Q&A circles.

Long-term vision: Figuring out your next steps for those who have big dreams, plenty of ideas and lots of things going on but don't know what to focus on.

Only 10 spots available for this retreat.

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What our MINOMA members say about our Retreats


The amount of authenticity and connection that I’ve felt on this retreat compared to any other nomadic experience I’ve had was incredible! This retreat really teaches you how to hold space and receive space at the same time.


I think through the process of being here I experienced a lot more than I even thought I would. I recommend the retreat to anyone who really wants to combine the mindset of mindfulness and entrepreneurship or even someone who is working for a company and just wants to spend some time in nature and get some advice, and feedback on things that are challenging in their life.


This retreat was full of love, laughter, healing and deep-connections. I could experience the balance of feminine & masculine energy, the doing & being, the giving & receiving, a week of slowing down and healing, having more ideas & action plans about my business. It was a safe space to tap into the real me, to accept and show myself and to discover new sides of me.


The mornings were my absolute favourite! The way that this retreat is structured is for us to connect with ourselves and then connect with each other before we do anything in the day. I feel like that morning really built such a beautiful bond with everybody. These are people I gonna stay in touch with for the rest of my life, you know! And it was just truly special. And so, here I was able to truly get a reset personally AND professionally. That’s exactly what I needed.


The 3 retreats were beneficial in different ways. They allowed me to grow by physical activities such as yoga and movement labs, and mentally by introspection and sharing. The team did a great job curating communities that allowed for tons of fun, laughter, deep sharing of knowledge and experiences, and meaningful conversations.


It's an AMAZING experience for everyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone, meet new inspiring people, get into deep talks and experience great workshops. This community is exactly what I needed.

5 years, 35 retreats, 5/5 reviews


From Head to Heart: Unwind, Align & Elevate  in Morocco

Digital Nomads & Remote Professionals

Working online and and traveling to new places can feel lonely...

During this retreat, you'll reconnect with your values, purpose and create long-term connections.

Nomadic Entrepreneurs / Freelancers & Creators

Building your freedom business(es) and being on the go is challenging...

Slow down and allow yourself to re-charge your battery and reconnect your gifts with your freedom goals

Mindful Entrepreneurs & Facilitators

Filled with love & passion but too overwhelmed?

Yoga is another task on your to-do list? Simply your business rhythm and amplify your impact through aligned entrepreneurship guidance & community support

Only 10 spots available for this retreat.

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Find Tranquility in an Authentic Moroccan Villa

Your journey will be supported by the serenity of this hillside villa, with panoramic ocean views and a peaceful atmosphere. Relax by the pool, practice yoga in the shala, or gather on the rooftop terrace. You can work in either shared cowork space or from the privacy of your own space.

Shared Twin Room

Room details:

✔ 2 people

✔ Single beds

✔ Shared bathroom

✔ Sitting area

Price: €2297

Private Room

Room details:

✔ Double bed

✔ Shared bathroom

✔ Private desk on request

Price: €2697

Price is for 7 nights, all food and expert sessions are included.

Only 10 spots available for this retreat.

Already a member? Book with €100 discount.

What's included in the price?​

Wake up in the warmth of the Moroccan sun

Accommodation & Coworking

✔ 7 nights of accommodation at the most authentic Moroccan hill villa (both private and shared rooms are available)

*You can extend your stay or arrive earlier if there’s availability. Contact us for pricing

✔ Daily healthy Moroccan vegetarian meals: breakfast (buffet), lunch, and dinner. (vegan or carnivore diet requests will be accommodated)

✔ Unlimited coffee, herbal tea, spring water.

✔ Arranged coworking area and access to a nearby coworking on request.

✔ Local SIM cards with extra data.

8 days of curated experiences

✔ Daily morning yoga and meditation sessions (7x) carefully curated around the MINOMA framework.

✔ Workshops and group activities including deep connection, ecstatic dance & group coaching sessions.

✔ 1:1 personalized guidance in business foundations, systems and marketing strategy with on-site expert. 

✔ 1:1 personalised deep dive into your Human Design.

✔ 1-year access to MINOMA Membership (expert online events, discounts, access to session recordings)

Only 10 spots available for this retreat.

Already a member? Book with €100 discount.


Unleash your most aligned path forward - join us for an unforgettable retreat in captivating Morocco!

Only 10 spots available for this retreat.

Already a member? Book with
100 discount.

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